5 Tools That Got Our Business Organized Quick

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Navigating and finding the perfect tools to get your business on an organized path is very tricky. It is sometimes a trial and error process, as what works for one business might not just work for another.

Systems tend to be created around a company’s organizational tools, which is why it is so important to leverage the correct ones from early on in order to avoid changes in your overall process much later.

We have put a lot of time into researching all of the tools that keep us organized, and we want to share that list to help you:

1. Dropbox

When it comes to sharing, saving and organizing files, Dropbox is our savior!

Dropbox makes it easy to securely share files with clients and vendors, while still giving us complete control over company information and user activity.

When managing an account in which you find yourself sharing photos, videos and large documents, the ability to send a link rather than attach zip files to various emails, really eases up the process. The receiving party has the liberty to download what they specifically need, and it is more comforting and secure than downloading attachments.

2. Trello

Trello, our go-to project management tool, allows its users to organize themselves with a system of boards and cards. It is truly as simple as it sounds, and we use it for just about everything.

Trello comes with great features such as the ability to add due dates, notes, labels, team members, etc. to a card, all on one simple platform. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to keep track of tasks and systematize operations within your team.

They even have a smartphone app, which we love, that is great for project management on-the-go!

3. Boomerang

Cluttered inboxes are bad for brain energy. Your inbox should NOT serve as your to-do list, simply because you can’t prioritize it. This often leads to client tasks and communication falling through the cracks.

Boomerang is a Chrome-extension that lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages. It’s a great tool to set follow-up reminders, reminds you if you don’t hear back from someone, schedule emails, and even let’s you know if your email was opened!

We use Boomerang to ensure that our inboxes are always at zero, allowing us to really focus on our most important tasks first.

4. LinkedIn

Having the right relationships is arguably the ultimate key to success. LinkedIn is the social network that allows you to create and maintain professional relationships online. By using this platform to promote your business and create your ideal reputation, you are directly branding your business to the appropriate people.

LinkedIn allows you to reach people outside of your direct network in several ways. Its targeted ads are a great feature to ease sales. By targeting your advertisements to the correct people, the majority of your leads will be better suited to close sales.

As your company continues to grow, LinkedIn is now becoming a great way to reach top talent in the hiring process as well.

We use LinkedIn to keep our network organized and to keep track of industry news.

5. G Suite

Keep all of your business needs in one place with Google’s G Suite.

G Suite allows you to purchase your domain, set up email addresses, track website analytics, manage ad campaigns, and much more.

We personally suggest GoDaddy as a preferred domain registrar, but always recommend G Suite to set up company email addresses. Our favorite function of G Suite is Google Analytics because by installing their tracking code you will be able to track analytics on almost any website platform.

These were just some of the tools that helped us get on our feet, and we hope that they become useful to your small business as well. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or if you’d like a free marketing consultation for your small business.

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