8 Design Trends to Look Out For This Year

2018 is the year we will be taking risks. Not only in life and business… but in design.

With the saturation of branded content on the internet, it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

The things you did in the past to differentiate yourself are probably not going to work anymore because the internet is causing constant updates, and making it more difficult than ever to stay on trend.

Good design is in the details, and we’ve whipped up some of our favorites for you to look out for:

1. Cropped Typography

Cropped typography was a hot trend for 2017 and remains on the hot list for 2018.

This is the art of erasing parts of letters while maintaining their readability.

It’s no wonder that this landed as number one our list… just take a look at our logo.

2. Movement


Animations and GIFs are now critical for UX design. Microinteractions in general are used to communicate with users and ease their overall experience. It gives them the feeling that they are manipulating an interface by providing feedback for their actions.

Examples of microinteractions are everywhere, including every time you hit the “like” button on Facebook.

Cinemagraphs are also taking the internet by storm. These aren't the regular GIFs we see all around the web. Cinemagraphs are still images with minor elements moving in them. This technique makes a simple photo more realistic by bringing it to life.

3. White Space

Getting rid of clutter always sounds like a good idea.

White space refers to the empty space (doesn’t necessarily have to be white), that allows visitors to focus on content rather than crammed text or busy imagery.

This technique is very commonly used by companies like Apple, and is a trend that is seemingly here to stay.

4. Modern Serifs

Reminiscing the golden era of print advertising, the bold modern serif trend is striking and everlasting. The font style is influential and we just can’t help to associate the brands that use it with its evolutionary appeal.

5. 80s and 90s Inspired Palettes

As children from the 80s and 90s become more influential in the design world, this trend will continue to gain popularity.

Pretty pastels (millennial pink, anyone?), and electric hues are taking over as flat designs are going away.

6. Isometric Design

After years of flat design, the artistic community as a whole seems to agree that plain visuals and minimal interactions are not the way to go.

Isometric graphics are ideal for adding dimension without excessive load times. This is especially important now that most web traffic comes from mobile devices that cannot sustain otherwise complex graphics.

7. Gradient

gradient designs

With the launch of Instagram’s rebrand, came a flock of designs mimicking their gradient look.

As we mentioned above, flat designs are evolving and we are seeing many brands make use of the color transition style as a flat design enhancement.

8. Vintage

Nothing new (obviously), but vintage fonts, colors, and patterns are making their way back into the design world. Far from minimalism, this trend is busy but beautifully timeless.

This look generally only appeals to brands looking to reach a classic look, and is a favorite amongst the food and beverage industry. The wine and spirits industry specifically has successfully leveraged the style for years.

Are you ready to join the design scene in 2018? Make this your year to rebrand and unleash your creativity.

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