Firefox Goes Brighter & Sharper

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Firefox, the second most widely used desktop browser, is making some huge updates launching November 14th of this year.

The update known as Firefox Quantum is boasting new features such as double the speed, 30% less memory usage than Chrome and private browsing to block ads. Likewise, Firefox is revamping its user interface to be more sleek and user friendly. The new design will include in-browser screenshots, an easily accessible library and an overall aesthetically pleasing look that draws users in.

Established in 2002, the browser is easily recognizable by its lovable icon of a fox with its tail wrapped around a globe. With this new update, the logo will also undergo some changes. Not to worry, your desktop mascot isn’t going anywhere, just getting a tune up.

The colors of the logo are remaining the same, just more vibrant. The fox's' tail is now sharper and focuses on the fire component, getting rid of the small furry details of the previous edition.

Overall, the logo looks cleaner, brighter and sharper, mirroring the exciting changes being made to the browser.

Logos are the staple and image of any brand, big or small and it is important to stay consistent. However, when changes happen to the essence of a company, the image it portrays needs to reflect these changes. For Firefox, the launch of their sharper and brighter system caused the update to their logo.

For small businesses a couple reasons to consider updating your logo are:

  • The logo design is outdated and uses old fonts and colors that are no longer in style.

  • The business is now offering new services and products.

  • Two companies have merged and need to create a new identity.

  • The business needs to attract a new target group.

If you think you are due for a logo update or change, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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