6 Tips & Tricks for a Modern Website Design

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As the internet changes at great lengths, website designs begin to evolve with it. Many old trends have not only faded away, but have been proven not to work in today’s world wide web. Lose those old website habits and get with the times! Here are a few of our tips and tricks to get your site up-to-date:

1. Typography

Take advantage of Google fonts and mix up the fonts used on your website page. A variety of well-paired fonts will create hierarchy between headers, break-in sections, and paragraph text.

Hierarchy is especially important to lead viewers onto the next section of the page. Use large fonts to grab attention and guide your reader where you want them to go next.

The large font trend has become exclusively important as most sites are now viewed on mobile devices with smaller screens.

2. Hero Images

Use full width and full screen images to enhance every bit of space on the page. Large header images have become increasingly popular and are doing away with the above or below the fold concept. This trend urges viewers to move onto the next section of the page while grabbing their full attention.

Images tell a story about your brand, so make sure that your banner image rightfully represents you. Keep in mind, this will be the first thing that your viewer sees when landing on your page so be sure to make an impact.

3. Graphics and Icons

A mix of graphic images creates a dynamic display on your webpage. You may include stock photos, custom infographics, icons or other illustrations to pair with the text on the screen.

There are many sites to download free stock photos from so take advantage of them!

4. Animations and Transitions

Do. Not. Go. Overboard.

Sites that apply too many animations do more damage than good because they may start to lag on some browsers making the site look incomplete or broken. However, DO add special programming functions such as hover effects, gallery sliders, page transitions, etc. Make sure to not use them all at once and maintain a balance of moderation.

5. Create Space

Minimalist designs are extremely popular because they get rid of that distracting clutter.

Having “whitespace,” the empty space on the page (doesn’t necessarily have to be white), allows visitors to focus on content rather than crammed paragraphs, sidebars, and unreasonably-placed calls-to-actions.

This may be achieved by the use of headers, bolding, bullets, numbering, and images.

6. Mobile Friendly

As mentioned above, more people are viewing websites on a mobile device rather than a desktop. Mobile responsiveness is not optional in today’s world, and your design needs to be optimized for any size screen.

The most important tip to take away from this post is definitely to design around mobile.

Please contact us for any web design inquiries you may have!

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