What Makes Your Brand Different?

Small Business Branding

When coming up with an initial business idea and beginning to build your brand, it is always important to ask yourself a few questions. What makes this different from what is already out there? How can my product or service be distinguished from my competitors? Finding out what makes your business unique early on is crucial to building a memorable brand that won’t get lost in the crowd.

When creating a marketing strategy, we always make it a point to ask our clients this question, “What makes working with you unique?” In order to create a marketing campaign that aligns with your vision and will make your brand one of a kind, this question needs to be answered. Although this seems like an easy question to answer, it can often be the hardest question of all. We’ve put together a list of elements we have found make brands shine and are good indicators that you are on the path to building a brand you love.

1. Let Your Personality Shine Through

What feeling do you give your consumers? What type of consumers are you reaching?

Does your team have a specific vibe? How do you want your consumers to see you?

Every company has a personality, a purpose and an overall tone. What are the key characteristics that come to mind if you were to describe your company as if it were a person?

This is the first step when creating a brand strategy. Once you pinpoint the company’s personality, the overall strategy will begin to flow and ultimately bring all of your branding efforts together.

2. Tell Your Story

When we recommend you “tell your story” we don’t mean to just draft up an About page on your website and call it a day.

As an entrepreneur you were inspired to build a business that has the potential to shape people’s life experiences in some way, and that’s something worth talking about.

In a world where most of our relationships are built online, it is important to build trust to connect with others. By sharing your story, you are building a connection with your consumers.

A company can tell its story in a variety of ways. Whether its by posting behind the scenes pictures on your social media of what a day in your office looks like or choosing a non-profit to support because it’s a cause you have personal ties to. All these glimpses create a story that your consumers can follow and love.

3. Be Cohesive and Consistent

What do all strong brands have in common? Yup, you guessed it! They are cohesive and consistent.

All of your online platforms should seamlessly coincide. Look out for similar color schemes, fonts, voice, writing styles, etc. on all channels.

Your website, social media, blogs and anything else that you are publishing with your brand name should all be updated on a regular basis with the same strategy throughout.

Similar elements are essential if you want to create a recognizable brand over time and show your consumers that you are dependable and consistent.

4. Client Experience

You need to give every customer the best possible experience. Always aim to under promise and over deliver.

Research by HBR shows that companies who skillfully manage and execute customer experience strategies retain the most customers and stop them from going to competitors.

By creating a customer experience strategy you are already making your brand unique. You might sell the same product as another company but you are evoking a different feeling as your competitor. Making sure that your clients feel heard, you are easily accessible and go the extra mile to make their experience outstanding, will make your brand strong and unforgettable.

Other than retaining customers, it is a way to ultimately obtain referrals, ensure customer satisfaction, ease customer acquisition, and reduce customer churn.

5. Be Different

As of March of 2016, there are over 1 billion websites on the internet. What does this mean for business owners? You need to find ways to stand out. Unique designs, captivating content and seamless navigation will make your site a place people will want to come back to.

To wrap this up, just keep this thought in mind. Every successful brand is unique in its own way, so it is important to figure out early on what makes you different from the rest. When deciding to start your marketing campaign, first ask yourself “what makes working with my company unique?” The answer to this question will kickstart the creation of your brand.

For any specific branding questions please email Contact@TheGhostLab.net.

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